Swung Flies Swim Tank
Swung Flies Swim Tank
Desktop Fly Tester
Fly tester
Desktop Swim Tank
Swim Tank

PROVING GROUND Desktop Swim Tank

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A compact desktop Swim Tank (Fly tester) for trialling your creations.

...So you've spent the better part of an hour building an intruder. You want to ensure it looks as tasty as possible to potential takers. You have options:

1. Leave it up to the gods.

2. Head out on the river. Take your fishing buddy (who lost you that fish once upon a time) and send him downstream with a camera and snorkel.

3. Buy this Swim Tank!

This is an ideal way to make corrections to your fly patterns from the comfort of your own tying bench. Take the guess work out of the presentation and swing through the run with confidence.


Included in package

Tank & Pump

2 x suction cups for fly alignment

2 x rigged leaders (one for tube flies, one for shanks)

1 x hook (for attaching to pump to keep lighter flies down)

*Flies not included


Technical specs

Dimensions: 16.0" L X 6.25" W X 4.0" H

Weight: Approx 1.0 kg

Pump: 120V, 60Hz (3-pole US plug as shown in image)

Pump Flow rate: 800L/H Max, adjustable

Cable length: 1.7 metres (67.0")

Will take all flies from 0.5" spey flies up to 6" intruders.