Skeena Wild

Skeena Wild Conservation Trust



With more of our natural, unspoiled places under greater strain, it is important that these places have a strong voice to go to bat for them.

One such cause are Skeena Wild (, who advocate for the Skeena watershed in northwest British Columbia. Their goal is to make the Skeena River and nearby coastal communities a global model of sustainability where large human and salmon populations coexist. They work with governments, First Nations, communities and individuals to sustain the long-term health and resilience of the wild salmon ecosystems and local communities.

They provide support in habitat protection, fund research and advocate for sustainable fisheries management.

As a customer of Swung Flies, you are contributing to a worthy cause. 2% of all purchases on this site are donated to the trust on a quarterly basis.

Check out their website for volunteering opportunities as well as some fantastic resources related to the health of the fishery and actions you can be taking to contribute to the solution.

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